Has your drug development team found its path?

You identified a target that will be the next big thing. You hired the best experts, and gave them the resources and incentives to meet your milestone. So why do they seem to be lost in the woods?

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Biotech Leadership Consulting can be their guide!

Navigating the complex, expensive, and lengthy path for a New Molecular Entity requires more than a collection of technical experts.

Ask yourself, does your project team…

Finding the right person to lead the multidisciplinary team of experts is a key success factor, but difficulties recruiting such a leader (and tight start up budgets) often lead biotech to merge the leader role with another expert role (e.g, a clinician). Biotech Leadership Consulting can help!
Bring a proven leader into the mix and get your team off to a strong start. Longer term, the right coach will help the leader and the team learn how to become a high performing team, and help them work through their scientific and operational challenges.

About Me

Mark Winnett, Founder & CEO

I am a 30 year veteran of R&D, biotech, and pharmaceutical development projects, and have worked in 4 countries on numerous drug development projects, mainly in immunology and oncology, from the lab bench, investor pitches and raising funds, pre-clinical, manufacturing, and Phase 1 through Phase 3 clinical studies.

Mark Winnett

Regardless of the technical specifics, the common theme throughout my career has been to bring diverse experts together into a high performing, cross functional development team despite disciplinary, geographic, organizational or cultural barriers.
I have a special passion for the early stages, when the team (and perhaps the sponsor too) have not yet defined the strategy to match the founders’ vision.

  • Proven leader of cross functional teams that collaborate, innovate, and adapt quickly. Shape team strategy to achieve business goals, connect teams with organizational resources to address project needs. Coach and mentor, recognized as a motivational leader by staff and management.
  • Expertise in program management of FDA, EMA, and CFDA drug development projects (planning and execution of preclinical, clinical, and manufacturing projects). Proven ability to negotiate deals and resolve issues for successful partnership alliance management. Three patents issued.

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